Had the opportunity to talk about the work I’ll be doing in Cambodia with a local Khmer church community here in Portland. The biggest blessing? Being prayed over for the first time in Khmer (national language of Cambodia).

It’s August 5th and I’m FUNDED!  I was hoping to send out a mid-July update with that announcement, but I had a few stitches in my hand and was waiting for final confirmation before I made any official announcement.


Words can not express the feeling of love, excitement and support I’ve had the last few days as I’ve worked on finalizing fundraising, updated my donor list to 60+ family and friends, sending out emails and physical cards.  My heart is bursting.  I feel so honored and blessed to have you along for this crazy ride.

And what a crazy ride this is.  Who decides to do a kitchen remodel weeks before leaving the country?  This girl.  Bullet and I are camped out in my ADU for the next month as I sort through all my worldly possessions to put into storage, donate or gift to friends.  Additionally, we’re heading to the East Coast August 29th to see my family before I leave for Asia on September 9th.

Thanks again for being part of my amazing team.  Please write me back and share what is happening in your life right now and how I can be praying for you.  I look forward to hearing from you.

In Him,

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