Thai Culture Update!

It’s getting more and more real that the next time I’ll send a monthly update I’ll be living in Cambodia.  While I’m not there just yet.  I’d like to share what’s happened since mid-August.  Mainly:

  • Celebrated my birthday and had a prayer send off in Portland.  (Thank you to those who came.)
  • Packed and moved out of my house.  (Thanks to everyone who helped!)
  • Rented my house and ADU out.  (Thanks Mom and Dad for wrapping that up for me.)
  • Flew to the east coast to visit with friends and family.
  • Arrived safety in Thailand to begin training.For the record, I post the most photos on Instagram.  If you have it, please follow me.  If you don’t, let me know and I can send photos directly to you.I’ve completed my first week on training here in Thailand and have three more weeks to go.  This week was focused on cultural training – language, thought process, history, etc.  I’ve done minimal sight seeing, but have been making an effort to eat as much street food as possible.  This consist of my morning to-go coffee from down the street and a bubble coconut drink during my lunch break.

    Some of the highlights of Thailand so far:

  • Meeting my awesome classmates and amazing guest speakers.  Learning where they come from and where they will be serving or have been serving.  I’m hoping a few will come visit me in Cambodia.
  • Talking about the concept of a Spiritual Bucket List.  Similar to a regular Bucket List, only with promises you’d like God to reveal / take place during your lifetime.  I’ve started a page in my journal dedicated to making a this list.
  • Learning (even) more about the Thai Culture.
Now you know!
  • Attending an English/Thai church, my first full day in Thailand.
  • Finally, in our studies of culture this week, I’ve really enjoyed gleaning the insights on how/why women end up being trafficked for sex.  I feel like I had a basic knowledge of reasons why before I came to Thailand, but this last week has showed me a lot more reasons why.

Thanks again for being part of my amazing team.  Please write me back and share what is happening in your life.  Particularly with those getting into a new back to school rhythm or maybe have started a spiritual bucket list of their own.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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