Is this real life? I made it!

This is it!  I made it!  I mean, I guess the journey is really just beginning.  BUT I AM HERE!  In Cambodia, working, making friends, and learning a ton!

I landed in Cambodia on Friday evening, spent the weekend in a dazed, meeting new people, trying to figure out connections, trying not to get lost, etc.

First Day of Work!

Then on Monday, I went to work for the first day.  The first couple of hours were pretty typical, trying to remember people’s names, roles, where the bathroom is, etc.  Then we had church.

Daughters offers church on Monday mornings for the Clients (the term we use for women leaving the sex industry).  I walked in with the Staff team and a few minutes later, all the Clients came in and I realized it, “These are my people. This is why I’m here.”  The entire service was in Khmer so I pretty much just spent the hour glowing, sneaking glances at these women, the Staff, and thanking God for this calling.  I’m still in awe of that moment.

Khmer / English Church at House of Prayer.

Since my first Monday, I’ve managed to get lost a few times going to work.  (Trust me I’m a lot better now.)  I’ve managed to get WIFI at my apartment, which is insanely helpful when you are trying to learn a new location, language, and keep in contact with family and friends.  I’ve made a close group of friends, which really embody the “froommate” vibe.  They are constantly inviting me over to hang out and eat with them.  For that, I’m extremely thankful.  I think I’m really settling into life here.

Sea Fish Lunch!

Work is going well.  I’m working on three grant proposals, a photoshoot, reviving our Instagram channel, and marketing to local hotels.  Plus, I’ve managed to make a few friends at work and enjoying eating Khmer lunch with them most days.

Thorns won! I need a new shirt with an extra star! (And I’m at Wat Phnom)

Below are some life updates and prayer requests.  Thanks again for being part of my amazing team.  Please write me back and share what is happening in your life.  As much as I love being in Cambodia, I do get homesick and I do crave knowing what is happening in your lives back home.  I would also love to answer any questions you might have about Cambodia, Daughters, life here, etc.  I look forward to hearing from you.

I would really appreciate you joining me in prayer in the following ways:

  1. Health / Housing – I’ve been “sick” since I landed in Cambodia.  I think it’s a combination of all the dust and the fact that my apartment doesn’t have A/C, so my little asthmatic lungs are working so hard even when I’m sleeping.  I’m praying about finding a new place to live.
  2. Bullet / Beckie – Looks like they will be coming out for Thanksgiving!  Anyone else want to come and help Bullet move in?  I’m still waiting on my work visa to come in so I can finalize plans.  I miss him so much!  Beckie has been great at sending me updates and I go back and forth being really happy how happy he is, really jealous of Beckie, and really nervous about him living here.
  3. Friends / Moto – I’m hoping to expand my friendship circle to more than just co-workers.  I believe I need to get a moto (think scooter) to get some more independence and easier travel.  It’s dangerous to walk at night so I need to take a tuk tuk which is also risky.  If I have a moto, I can just scoot to where I need to go to meet up with people.

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