Bumblebee Cambodia – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Hospitality is huge for me.  I love welcoming people into my home and giving them a place to rest.  This includes my love of handmade soaps and candles.  I’m still trying to figure out local prices – like I can get a four pack of factory made soaps here for $1.20USD.  Which works, but isn’t “homey” to me.  I recently was exploring the F.C.C. (really famous restaurant here in Phnom Penh) and found this:

Heaven Scent – get it?!

Cute little soaps with this message on the back of them:

A little bit of background info on Bumblebee.

The Bumblebee Group (Cambodia) works to empower Cambodians to determine their own future through employment and education opportunities.  We produce luxury soaps and beauty products as well as soaps specifically designed for hygiene in the developing world.  We also operate a homestay for young interns and visiting team members, and a custom tuktuk tour company.  Profit from these ventures fund our free education program.  “Eat honey, my child, for it is sweet and good to eat.  Wisdom and knowledge are like honey – if you find them, you will have hope for your future.” – Proverbs 24:13-14

While this soap is a little more expensive ($4/bar) it supports local Khmer through education and vocational training.  Plus, it smells great!  I’m getting so many compliments on this soap I’m going to get a few more bars as gifts!

Bumblebee Cambodia Soap is part of the Bumblebee Cambodia social enterprise group.   Their soaps feature premium virgin coconut oil made in Cambodia by Coco Khmer, Italian olive oil and silky smooth Australian castor oil. They blend the finest essential oils from Asia and around the world.  100% of their product sales are reinvested in the social mission of Bumblebee Cambodia Soap.

Healthy all around.

I picked up two bars – Heaven Scent (currently in my main flood bathroom) and The Healthy Hippy – just in case my guests or myself pick up some weird skin bug.  Like I said I picked my soaps up at FCC on Sisowath Quay.  Less than a block away from Daughters Visitor Centre.

Know any other social good businesses based in Phnom Penh?  Leave me a comment below and let me know.  Thanks!

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