February 2018 Update!

Yeah!  It’s February and I’m celebrating a new month and a new year.  I want to apologize for not sending an update in January.  But I need to be honest, January was a tough month for me.  I cried 24 of the 31 days in January.  (It was that bad that I was keeping track and celebrating the days I didn’t sob my eyes out).  Thanks to everyone who reached out, prayed, sent encouraging words, and listened to my struggles this past month. Your support did not go unnoticed.

Bullet exploring his new neighborhood.

I’m kicking off February in a new home!  Yes, I’ve moved twice now since coming to Cambodia, but I’m confident that this will be Bullet and my home for a long while.  For starters, it has real beds!  (I’ve been sleeping on floor mat for the past three months.)  A kitchen – with a stove AND fridge.  (Yes, my last place didn’t have a kitchen, which made hosting – and my budget crazy.)  I’ve got an awesome new neighbor across the hall from my new church and have had more people over in the past weekend then I ever had visit me in my old place combine.  All these things make it such a joyful home.  Not to mention it’s half the cost of my previous rent and I still have a guest room for those who want to come visit me!

Bullet’s new balcony.

I just finished a five week intensive language class.  This class has been a real joy to participate in.  Not only have I made an awesome friend who lives in my area and is involved in rescuing girls as well, but the amount of language I’m learning is really amazing.  It has also opened more doors for me at Daughters, since I come from language class right at lunch time and sit down with some of the Khmer staff and go over the new vocabulary I’ve learned – like pointing out all the colors or describing what someone is wearing. Even though I’m still using a translator (Lino) for my Sponsorship project at Daughters, I’m getting to practice my Khmer with the girls we do interviews with.  I can now ask their name, age, and about their family on my own.  Lino has been a huge source of encouragement in this process and always has me repeat what the girls have said and then clarifies anything I might have missed.  There is definitely a lot of laughter involved both in class and with the girls.  I found out early this morning I passed Level One.  I’m looking forward to a five week break before jumping into Level Two.  I’m praying the funding to continue my language education will arrive in the next five weeks.

My study buddy.

I’ve got a new boss at Daughters, his name is Martin, he’s German, has been working at Daughters for two and half years and has the same business focused mind I do.  We are kicking off our overseas sales project together with some pilot shipments.  If anyone is interested in joining the pilot program and getting some cute Daughters products.  Please let me know.  Also, if you have any connections to shops in the USA who might be interested in selling our products, please let me know.

Daughter’s Valentine’s Day products.

I also had a friend come to visit from Portland, Oregon in January.  It was fun to show someone around my new home town and give them a break from rainy / cold Portland.  I definitely learned a lot about hosting international guests and how to be prepared for cultural differences.

Bullet’s buddy from the PNW, Adrian showed up!

Hugs from Cambo,

Bullet and I tuktuking around Cambodia.

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