Bloom Cafe – Phnom Penhh, Cambodia

Ever need a great cupcake?  Where would you get such a delicious treat in Phnom Penh?  Back home in Portland, Oregon, I would always reach out to my close friend, Joy Childress of Sweet Joyness.  (She is still available for cupcakes, cookies and cakes.  Check out her Instagram).  But now that I’m in Phnom Penh, my alliance is with Bloom Cafe.

Example of Joy (in PDX) cookies.

Bloom Cafe makes stunning celebration cakes for birthdays, wedding and parties.  Enjoy a designer cupcake and the BEST fair trade coffee in their stylish cafe.  Escape the bustling heat of the city and step into Bloom Cafe: a world where barista-made coffee, refreshing smoothies, cool air-conditioning and a mouth-watering range of cakes, cupcakes and cookies await.

Example of a Bloom Cafe cake that was being picked up while I was there!

Bloom creates the most deliciously moist, flavorsome treats housed in incredibly detailed edible art that will have your friends talking for weeks.   I can attest to this – I bought some cupcakes for a birthday party and people still talk about how beautiful they were.  Plus, they are well made – meaning they can survive a tuktuk ride from the bakery back home to the party.  (This was something I was a little nervous about.)  Whether you want a single layered cake or a gravity-defying multi-tiered creation, they’ve got you covered.

Bloom Cafe’s Cupcake Display.

For those after a daintier mouthful, Bloom creates cupcakes unlike any other. Whether it’s a single cupcake to enjoy with your morning coffee, or hundreds of them artfully arranged, each individual piece is intricately crafted by hand and come in an incredible array of flavors.

My only word of caution is, Bloom Cafe only does cupcakes and coffee at their store.  I made the mistake of thinking I could grab a breakfast treat and showed up starving.  This was totally my fault but I had to run down the street and grab some breakfast before grabbing a coffee and cupcakes from Bloom.

Outside the Bloom Cafe.

Best of all, Bloom is a not-for-profit Social Enterprise, which means every delicious mouthful actually helps to empower and skill local women in the art of baking and decorating beautiful cakes.  Bloom Cafe is a training cafe for Bloom Training Centre. A not for profit organization that provides vocational training and employment opportunities for Cambodian women.

Have you been to Phnom Penh?  Where are the best places to get desserts?

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