Scarves for School – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

One week from today, I’ll by heading home for a much anticipated life event.  I’M GETTING A SISTER!  My little brother is getting married and I’m finally getting that little sister I always wanted.  Words can not describe how excited I am for this.

In anticipation of heading home, my friend, Panhaha, from Cows for the Kingdom reached out and asked me if I would be willing to help him sell some scarves made by women from his village.  These scarves help provide additional income that allows mothers to send their children to school here in Cambodia.  Of course I said, YES!

I’m flying home with 15 of these beautifully hand-made scarves.

Purple, green, and pink.
Red and white.
Pink and green.
On a prayer ride, rocking a krama head scarf.

This is a style is a traditional krama (ក្រមា).  It’s a sturdy traditional Khmer garment, with many, many, many uses include: scarf, bandana, towel, swim suit, belt, mat, decoration, hammock, etc.  I typically wear them on prayer rides, to keep my neck covered from the sun and then as a hair wrap while visiting temples and eating.  It is worn by men, women and children here in Cambodia.  Traditionally it comes in either red or blue, the Cambodian national colors.

I’ll be selling these kramas for $20 each during my time in Portland.  I’ll be selling them after church at Oaks Parish on Sunday July 15th and at my party at Hopworks.  If you are interested in buying one ahead of time.  Just shoot me an email and I’ll save you one.  Also, if you live outside of Portland, let me know and I’ll ship you one while I’m stateside.

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