Earlier this year, I wrote about how Cambodia Knits was using Patreon to raise funds to help stay afloat during COVID. Since being back in Cambodia, I’m happy to learn that Cambodia Knits is still in business and making some (good) changes! They’ve recently gone through a rebranding and are now rolling out BeeBee + Bongo. Beebee+Bongo is a social enterprise that produces really fun, quality, hand-knitted products AND providing fair, flexible employment for women in Cambodia! A double whammy of goodness! They’ve recently launched a brand new Kickstarter to raise $15,637 USD by Christmas 2020. So if you are looking for some great ethically made and eco-friendly toys for the children in your life with the added bonus of securing more employment opportunities for mamas in Cambodia. Please consider supporting BeeBee+Bongo. I did! My godchildren in Oregon are going to get some sweet gifts for Christmas (delivered in April 2021 – but honestly does the days even matter given how crazy this year has been?)

Bullet celebrating the launch of BeeBee+Bongo. I finally got the water buffalo I always wanted.

Cambodia Knits was hit hard during COVID. Cambodia has no local tourists to buy products, since the borders closed in March it’s been MONTHS. That with tough shipping logistics makes it hard for small businesses to get their products to the international market. Kickstarter helps programs like this have the support and financial backing from their local (and ever-growing) community. Supporting BeeBee+Bongo, allows them to continue to provide fair, flexible employment to women in Cambodian communities. Which is huge, because our schools are currently closed too, so mamas can work for BeeBee+Bong AND keep an eye on their children from home. (This is something heavy on my heart since so many mothers here need to make the choice between working to feed their families and being able to keep their children safe). BeeBee+Bongo wants to continue to grow in 2021, employing more mamas to stay at home with their children and continue to be able to put rice on their tables. BeeBee+Bongo was to grow to be more sustainable in the products they are creating – including using 100% certified organic cotton yarn.

Check out the Kickstarter Video

One last thing, since this is a very kid’s toy’s focused posted. Cambodia Knits has also partnered with a dear friend of mine’s Cambodian, ethically made, resort wear brand, Nary. While Nary is focused on very high-end clothing. They do have a line of kid-friendly masks that come with a Cambodia Knits animal who also is wearing a mask. So if you need more masks or helping your kids wear more masks – definitely check them out here. They are currently running a 12 Days of Christmas campaign so if you want to spoil yourself or your loved ones with ethical clothing. Definitely check them out too.

Every Christmas I try to invest in local, ethical, small businesses making an impact in their communities. This year, more than ever, I’m searching for ways to invest in communities to make a positive change – be it due to COVID or racial injustice – there are loads of ways blessed people can bless others. How are you doing this season?

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