Antique Cafe – Bangkok, Thailand


Outside Antique Cafe

Antique Cafe serves up compassion, hope, and honor in their coffee shop located in Bangkok, Thailand.  This is a for-profit social business that provides on the job training to prepare vulnerable individuals for their next job in the food and beverage industry.  They exist to support and empower their local community.  Their heart is for developing and collaborating with others.  They do this primarily as a rental space where groups can meet for workshops, small events, community gatherings, and special interest clubs.

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Samaritan Creations — Bangkok, Thailand

Rocking my Oaks Parish volunteer shirt outside Samaritans Creations.

This week, I had the opportunity to check out an adorable coffee shop and bakery called, Samaritan Creations.  Samaritan Creations was founded by Mike & Kay Killar (who were kind enough to give me a tour) with Kong & Sook Phomphuong in May 2010. Kay, who is Thai, first visited the infamous Patpong red-light district on a ministry trip with a friend. It was during this time that the Lord broke her heart for the two million girls all over Thailand who were trapped in a horrifying situation and in desperate need for the Lord. Together with her husband, Mike, they decided to begin development of a ministry to give these women a way out of the trap that they were in. Now they help operate the Samaritan Creations ministry, helping many women discover an alternative to life in the sex trade and about a loving God that wants them to be healed and free.

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